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There are more than hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD and THC are the popular cannabinoids. These are being used widely by people for medicinal purpose. While THC has mild altering property that gives the user a high-effect, CBD offers the health benefits without any psychoactive effects. This is why CBD is preferred by most for, instant relief from pain, reducing anxiety and depression, sleep management and so on. It is safe to use and is the best natural alternate to other drugs. It is legal to buy and sell CBD products in many countries. However, make sure it is legal in your state before buying your product. To enjoy these benefits, if you are confused as to where to buy CBD oil, visit Just CBD Store that uses organically grown hemp crops for extracting CBD. Various forms of CBD products with different CBD concentration are available here. To know about the originality of their product you can check the third-party lab result on their website. CBD products are available in various forms like, CBD tinctures, oil, vapes, topicals and edibles. This article will tell you what is CBD oil and CBD tincture and everything relating to that. Extraction Method CBD oil is extracted from hemp using many ways and supercritical CO2 method provides clearer and pure form of CBD oil. In this method there won’t be residue after extraction. The extracted solution is distilled to isolate the individual components. This process removes unwanted elements from the extracted solution. Once the distillation is completed, the extracted oil is mixed with high grade alcohol and kept in deep freezer overnight. Then the final filtering is done and then the alcohol content is removed. CBD oil uses base oils like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil and for pets fish oil is used as the base ingredient. Diluting CBD with base oils makes it easier for body to digest. On the other hand, CBD tincture is extracted by steeping in the CBD flowers in water and alcohol solvent. Some producers use glycerin, vinegar or oil as solvent but alcohol offers the full potency tinctures. Which Is Better? While tincture offers broad range of hemp compounds, some, who are alcohol-sensitive, prefer CBD oil. When compared to other forms of CBD available, oil provides high potency. Due to the alcohol content in tinctures, you get more bioavailability through tincture. Also, it increases the shelf life of CBD. While a foggy thing may appear in CBD oil. Keep them away from direct sunlight to extend the life. Tinctures can be administered using sublingual method and is easy to use it while cooking. Adding CBD oil to food may alter its properties. Tinctures have enhanced flavor compared to oil that leaves unpleasant taste after consumption. Tinctures are available in different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, peach etc., Coming to the cost, it depends on the potency, extraction method etc., Mostly tincture and oil would cost almost same but high-quality CBD oil is more expensive than tincture form. Though there are so many differences between tinctures and oil, both have health benefits for the user.

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