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“I would definitely call it a dessert coffee,” says DeGeer.
Not too long ago you expected graphic designers, creative directors, architects to be the ones leading the pack in day to day fashion (outside the fashion world, of course). But there is a new group now. A group that helps us waking up every morning and they do it with style: Baristas. (via March is here. Baristas = True Fashionistas | jesus wears skinny jeans)
Matt Milletto is a busy man, balancing the needs of the American Barista & Coffee School, Barista Exchange and Water Avenue Coffee. (via Interview: coffee pro Matt Milletto (American Barista & Coffee School, Barista Exchange Water Avenue Coffee) - Food GPS)
Now that he has some free time, Watson said he’ll focus on a career as an aspiring hip-hop artist with the name Spekulation. (via Bitter Barista Fired For Humerous Blog)
I am a coffee lover, barista, and coffee professional. I’m the assistant manager of Broadway Coffeehouse in Salem. (via Penny University)
Rad, as in radical, is part of Portland’s essential argot, I quickly learned during my sojourn there, surpassed in frequency only by awesome (and its noun form, awesomeness), which is applied to all matters of daily existence. (via A Tour of Portland’s Best Vintage Shopping, Hotels, and Coffee Shops : Condé Nast Traveler)
Suits, students and hipsters all scurry into the cafe, only to then wait as baristas carefully prepare each cup of Tantalizing Turkish or Silken Splendor with the precision of bartenders mixing martinis. (via Slow coffee spreads fast among fans of flavor | | The Bulletin)

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Just be nice. I’m a person, not a robot. (via 4 Things Your Barista Wishes You Knew | Men’s Health News)
“I do find it discouraging and disappointing that there was so much exposure brought to an attempt at making a joke of a culinary industry and the professional barista.”
"Barista Andrew Fulton was reportedly underwhelmed Friday by the customer response to his final day at St. Mark’s Coffeehouse, saying that after his four years of service, he had thought patrons would be more emotionally invested in his departure."
"I’ve been practicing my moves since January," Jones told DNAinfo last week. (via Village Barista Competes for Coffee Crafting Title - New York)
An “Epic” barista tattoo